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29 November 2017



UAE has a unique history that has shaped the diversity of its peoples, their cultures and has made our working environment a fabric of adventure stories and emotional moments we will remember forever.

For the occasion of UAE National Day we asked GL events team members to tell us a little bit about their experience in the UAE and why they love this country. Check out below what they think:

“I’ve been now living in Dubai for almost 4 years of happiness. Dubai is a fascinating city where you can enjoy and expercience a real mix of culture, people, culinary senses and landscape as well, with its dunes of sand, white beaches and urban skycrapers. The old part of the city is also worth visiting its temples and old mosques, traditional fishing boats crossing the Creek river going from textile Souq to Gold Souq. The vibrant part of Dubai that glitters in gold gives the impression that the city is on an ever lasting mission of being on the forefront of all big cities in the World.” – Samia, Account Manager

“I arrived in UAE 5 years ago, 3 years in Abu Dhabi and now since 2 years in Dubai. I do like the richness of the nationalities mix, I enjoy a multitude of events like concerts, sport tournaments and famous live shows in town. And I appreciate an amazing sunny weather.” – Gregoire, Business Development Manager

“I’ve been now living in Dubai for 2 years. I love the UAE for its cultural melting pot and the vision they propose for the coming decades: ambition, responsibility, happiness." – Benoit, Managing Director

"It's my third year in UAE and I do love this country for the ambitions, powers and culture diversity that inspire and drive us. Happy UAE National Day to all citizens and guest of the country.” – Anastasiia, Marketing Coordinator

“After 2 years in UAE, I love this country because of the possibilities offered to me & my family and big opportunities to improve myself. Happy National Day to everyone!” – Marine, Senior Project Manager

“I found Dubai a safe place to work and live, a prosperous land of opportunities for expats with a practice of sustainability that’s why for almost 10 years I’m still here, really love Dubai. Happy UAE National Day to all!” – Marilou, Office & Sales Assistant

“I’ve been here for 12 years now. I love how safe it is to live and work in the country. And there is always optimism and a true sense of possibility.” – Flor, Finance Manager

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