11 February 2018



No matter if you hold a big or a small event, it still makes an impact on the rest of society, including the environment. Sustainability is on the radar. People prefer eco-friendly options and pay attention to the companies’ corporate social responsibility. The good news is that it is never too late to look for the new environmental opportunities and devote more resources toward proactive initiatives! Read further to know how taking care of green issues can help your business to become more sustainable and beneficial for the world!

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There are numerous ways to incorporate sustainability into your events. Here is a list of tips and tricks you can start using now:

  • Mind the location. Check a venue’s use of energy prior to booking and consider how your guests will travel to the place. An average mid-size petrol car exhales about 185 grams of CO2 per kilometer, so check out the public transportation option and accessibility to hotels’ area.
  • Choose sustainable supplies. Get the recycled content and try a biodiesel-powered generator if you need one to reduce your energy impact. In average, you would save 95 L of water, which is needed to produce each kilowatt-hour of electricity. It also reduces greenhouse gases up to 78%
  • Reduce paper usage as much as you can. It takes around 2-3 kg of woods to produce 1 kg of copier paper and even more to produce magazine one! So, use QR codes, websites or applications to spread the information and embrace the digital communication!
  • Go local! Serve local food and beverages or at least provide locally sourced options. Support local responsible companies and producers.
  • Recycle waste. Place recycling bins next to the ordinary ones to collect waste from your event in a sustainable way. Keep in mind that 0.5 kg of recycled PET plastic used in place of virgin material reduces energy use in plastic production by 84%!
  • Spread a word about your green initiative! Why not to share about your eco-efforts? Send an email to your guests explaining in which ways your event is sustainable and how they can go on for a greener lifestyle at their homes or workplaces.

Overall, make the most out of the materials you use, the location, and the opportunity to raise an environmental awareness in the community. People are looking to participate in events that are associated with a good cause and benefit society for the best. Make your events eco-conscious and you will attract more participants!

GL events frequently supports environmentally-focused initiatives. Last week UAE celebrated National  Environment Day to promote sustainable production and environmental protection. We all stand for bringing awareness to the environmental problems. We believe that being sensitive to the green issues is an essential part of our company’s responsibility. You can see on the picture bellow one of our environmental-friendly project  - two symmetrical restaurants on COP22 that were built of sustainably sourced OSB wood panels which were dismantled, reassembled, and reused after the event.


We also have the special Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. “Think Green”, “Think People” and “Think Local” long-term initiatives were developed to address social and global challenges and invest in issues, that really matter. “Think Green” program has been launched at the end of 2009 and now it includes 16 commitments covering the entire lifecycle of an event. We keep in mind sustainability while designing events, managing sourcing and logistics, controlling energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and coping with waste linked to GL events' activities. Check out our CSR highlights here.

GL events truly believes that event industry can make a real difference in the world undertaking socially responsible initiatives. Forward thinking in events planning creates value and, as a result, attracts more customers. Choose to be more environmentally-friendly and create a foundation that supports sustainability at all levels! It will be a win-win situation for you, your customers and the environment! Go for it now!


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