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Welcome to the world of events. As an integrated Group operating in all event professions, GL events works in three major segments: event organisation, event venue management and services for fairs, congresses and events
GL events

Think Local

Evaluating, optimising and promoting regional value creation

GL events by definition contributes to and promotes regional development, both through the sites it manages under public-private partnerships and as a stakeholder in large international events. Conscious of its territorial, economic and social impacts, GL events today focuses on bringing value to its involvement. Through the less operational Think Local programme, this involves conducting research on value in the broad meaning of the term, created by the Group in all territories where it operates. Value thus defined is threefold:

- Economic (indirect benefits from business tourismor subcontracting);

- Intellectual (trade shows, events, congresses provide forums for the transmission and dissemination of knowledge, expertise and innovation);

- Social (face-to-face meetings are increasingly valuable in an ever more virtual world).


Working with local stakeholders:


At both national and corporate levels, GL events works with several organisations:

- Framework agreement with the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) signed in September 2011, under which we report to this government institution on a regular basis;

- Active participation in the sustainable development commission of the French Federation of Fairs,Trade Shows and Conventions;.

- Membership since 2011 in the network “IMS entreprendre pour la Cité”, an organisation promoting dialogue on CSR best practices made up of more than 200 French companies including CAC 40 firms;

- Signing of the Diversity Charter, under which an annual report on our action plans and practices must be submitted to Charter management;

- Member of Gesat, a network of sheltered work establishments that promote the employment of disabled workers.


In its business activities, GL events also has a natural relation with the region’s stakeholders. In its public-private  partnerships, GL events Venues maintains close ties with the region’s delegating public authorities (public-private partnership monitoring committees, reports, correspondence, meetings to launch new regional events). GL events Venues also enjoys tight relations with hotel unions while consular chambers (CCI, CRCI) are important partners.

As part of GL events Live’s business as a PCO (Professional Conference or Congress Organiser), the Group works with public authorities in assisting, or even initiating, candidates to host international conferences at a local level, with convention bureaus and tourism offices.